What Exactly is Semi-Permanent Make-Up

What Exactly is Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-permanent make-up (SPMU) is becoming extremely popular among women who desire to add definition to their facial features, it is a beauty procedure which involves the introduction of specialist hypo allergenic pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance and exaggerate facial features.

Semi-permanent make-up also called permanent make-up is essentially a form of tattooing used primarily for eyeliners, eyebrows and lip colours. The procedure itself is non-surgical and perfectly safe, Semi-permanent cosmetic make-up treatments are also widely used to help improve the look of scar tissue and can even be used in areola reconstruction.

Semi-permanent make-up was for many years seen as a treatment exclusively for the rich or famous and generally unobtainable; however, this is no longer the case. As semi-permanent make-up becomes readily available and a growing number of artists worldwide are being trained, it is becoming even more trendy and affordable. consequently, it is now seen as the must-have fashion accessory.

Who can it benefit?

Semi-Permanent make-up treatments can be used to correct various problems, many people can benefit from this widely used versatile treatment.

  • Those with very little or no eyelashes or eyebrows;
  • People with busy lifestyles who always want look their best;
  • Those who have allergies to conventional make-ups;
  • People with a loss of definition due to the aging process.
  • Those with asymmetrical or poorly defined features;
  • People with  very oily skin;
  • Those who have scars that require camouflaging;
  • People who have had Chemotherapy or those that suffer from Alopecia and have lost their hair;

Should you suffer from any of the above conditions Semi-Permanent Make-Up is an option worth exploring.

Eyebrows by Charmaine Harding

What to think about when choosing a Semi-Permanent Make-Up Artist

Choosing the correct Semi-Permanent make-up artist is absolutely essential as it takes years of practice to produce great results. The length of time the Artist has been practicing for is one of the first things you should ask when making your choice.

Listed below are a few of the essential questions you should ask when deciding on a semi-permanent make-up artist.

  • How many years of practical experience does the artist have?
  • Does the artist possess a comprehensive portfolio of customers?
  • Is the artist ready to offer patient recommendations?
  • Will the artist give post-treatment support?
  • Does the artist have before and after photographs of clients?
  • Can you see licensing and certifications?

Semi Permanent Lip, eyebrow or eyeliner Make-Up will last for many years, it is essential to choose an artist with the appropriate qualifications.

Beau Boutique Salon Ashford, Kent

Charmaine Harding the owner of Beau Boutique Salon is one of Kent’s leading Semi Permanent Make-up artists Charmaine has carried out countless Semi-Permanent make-up treatments and boasts a number of advanced qualifications Charmaine gained her initial qualification at the premier medical tattoo training company in the UK Finishing Touches who also provide training and qualifications to the NHS, Harvey Nicholls and Harrods.

Charmaine approaches each one of her clients in a consistent manner; assessing skin tones, symmetry and colour, whilst taking the time to listen to their needs and wants. Ultimately Charmaine uses her considerable skills to improve the confidence and self-esteem of her clients. Looking for a highly skilled semi-permanent make-up artist in Kent? Book your initial consultation at Beau Boutique our luxurious Beauty Salon in Ashford Kent today.

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