LED anti ageing face mask

LED anti ageing face mask

What is LED anti ageing face mask treatment?

Led anti ageing face mask treatment in Kent

LED anti-ageing face mask treatment is fast becoming a well-known treatment across the globe. The treatment provides a complete facial revitalizing experience for a variety of skin defects and ageing signs such as lines, wrinkles and acne to name a few .

The LED anti-ageing facial mask uses an array of beneficial light (colour) that facilitates the natural healing of the skin, each light colour purports diverse benefits. In particular, red may be for anti-ageing, blue to destroy harmful bacteria and pink to speed up the healing procedure. The colours are chosen for use based on your skin type.

LED anti-ageing facial mask noticeably delivers much better collagen improvement than topical cream, Led face mask is also a formidable acne treatment due to the fact it clears harmful bacteria on the surface of your skin, making you appear more radiant, feel rejuvenated and leaving your skin looking and feeling firmer than ever.

How does the LED anti-ageing facial work?

the skin has the potential to absorb light and put it to use as a source of energy to encourage healing. The LED anti-ageing facial mask makes use of certain colour wavelengths of light that penetrate deep into the skin. The light boosts cells to generate collagen, enhance elasticity and increase the circulation of blood and oxygen whilst discharging toxins. Consequently, this induces the anti-aging process, assists to control cellular unevenness, and increases skin tone and simplicity.

It is an all-natural biochemical reaction akin to that of plant photosynthesis which prompts the body to transform light energy into cell energy. The LED anti-ageing facial mask procedure is known medically and is a clinically-proven treatment solution Endorsed by the likes of NASA

The LED anti-ageing facial mask standard procedure includes: cleansing, peeling, extraction and restorative mask. Using a LED anti-ageing facial mask is simple. Before the therapy can begin, the face has to be cleansed, which evidently helps dissolve the links that are keeping dead cells connected to the skin. Thereafter, the skin will be carefully exfoliated.

Next vitamin C serum is applied to lower damage from the harmful ‘free radicals’ such as Ultraviolet light, which can accelerate ageing, and then the mask is positioned over your face, providing a full-face protection that extends from your forehead up to your jaw, and it makes use of LED lights to create the most beneficial infrared lights treatment on your skin. After absorbing the light for about 20-30 minutes (although the period of time used for each individual is customized as per the client’s issues), you are able to notice the benefits right away.

The procedure is generally silent; it only illuminates LED lights on your skin to make it smoother, firmer and more flexible. The lights are automatically timed, so once the time is up, the light will turn off and the mask is removed. Don’t worry; the LED lights are specifically selected to be safe for use around your eyes.
It is important to note; that the number of treatments required can vary with skin conditions and severity of the condition. Although a single session is an ideal boost, a course of treatment is recommended for long-term effects.

Celebrities that have benefited from the LED anti-ageing facial mask

Several celebs have been quick tExample of Led Anti Ageing Face Mask Using The Blue Led Lighto embrace this technology which is safe, non-invasive and significantly free from tell-tale signs of tucks, nips and chemical fillers. This may be due to the fact that a single treatment can give the face a temporary lift, tightening the features, which is ideal for any occasion a few hours later. A few of the celebrities that have undergone the LED anti-ageing mask treatment include: Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried, Chrissy Teigen, among others.

Who can benefit?
Anyone who desires to:
1. Get rid of skin imperfections and signs of ageing such as wrinkles, mild and severe acne, pimples, fine lines and crow’s feet, pores;
2. Improve the tone and texture of their facial skin;
3. Reduce redness, flush and other forms of degradation.
4. In fact, everybody can benefit.

With the LED anti-ageing facial mask, a few instant visible changes are noticeable in the skin, with most changes progressing naturally, over a couple of weeks. The light excites natural processes even after the procedure has stopped, for a progressive approach, which with time develops resistance to ageing and external factors.

LED anti-ageing face mask treatment is a safe and effective method for varying skin types to combat fine lines , wrinkles , brown spots or to improve the appearance of your skin. If you are bit worried about UV radiation, you can relax as there is no Ultraviolet (UV) light and better still, the mask features sunglass-like eye covers to avert having annoying lights shining into your eyes.

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