Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner for defined eyes everyday

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner for defined eyes everyday

Eyeliner-Featured-ImageThe look of professionally applied makeup everyday.

Permanent eyeliner helps to define your eyes, you can choose between a soft and natural look or a thicker more dramatic look.  There are a range of colour pigments including intense black, olive, blues, greys and more.

Most clients decide to have colour put on both the top and bottom of eye which helps to frame and make the eyes look bigger.

Your eyes are closed throughout this procedure and anaeasthic is applied to give you a pain free experience.If you can’t decide if you would like a natural or dramatic effect, we can start with natural and then when you come back for your top up treatment we can easily add to it for more dramatic effects.

Benefits of permanent eyeliner:

  • Women who want their eyes to look less ‘bare & unnoticeable’ without make up
  • People who don’t want to apply eyeliner everyday
  • People who want perfectly shaped eyeliner that wont smudge!
  • People with fair lashes
  • When eyelashes are missing or thin
  • Sporty people
  • For people who are visually impaired
  • Contact lens wearers & Hayfever sufferers
  • People that are sensitive to everyday make up

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